The truth on how Styleworthy came to fruiition.
Imagine, being talented & quick thinking.
I’m not showing off my ego, it’s a fact.
Marketing runs in my veins.
I always have ideas.
Most I try to create, most aren’t for me.

For years I have been consulting, friends mocing to me for business advice, buying for their stores.
I was fuckin pissed!
I would always give my options, advice and contacts.
I didn’t set boundaries. I’ve learn’t since then and TRY to keep my ideas or experience to myself.

I realized that I was under-valuing my worth.
I was giving it away for free. At times, I still am!.

This is how Styleworthy came to life.
A combination of factors:
People have always commented on my sense of Style & how I had the confidence to wear what I wear.
Talking to women and finding out that their self perception of themselves was negative.

Look, I’ve gained weight. I’ve said it multiple times, do I feel down? Sometimes! Do I still dress well, Always!.

I started Styleworthy as a community for upapolgetic conversations about style & self, amongst a diverse group of individuals.

Size 2 to whatever, you are welcome here. I want to hear from you!

I struggle with my weight gain but all I hve to do is work out again. Here is a photo of me with no makeup on. I don’t need to hide my “flaws” behind a filter. How do you present yourself to the world, unedited?

Who wants to join in this journey together and make 2020, a power year filled with evolving?!.