You know you feel a bit down when the seasons are changing?

Right now, we don’t know what we should we wearing?

In the am, it’s a sweater, then you get to your work environment and it’s a t-shirt, then by the end of the day, you’re in a jacket?.  Layering season.

Not only does that feeling of transition over come our wardrobe, the feeling of sadness as night is falling, earllier.

Are you looking to evolve in your Style & Self journey with the Styleworthy Society?

This online retreat was developed for the always evolving individual; who has been looking for ways to grow their self confidence & awareness through fashion.

One of the goals is to develop a better sense of self and to be creative!.

We are excited to launch a Fall 8-week online Styleworthy: Style & Self retreat starting on Sunday, November 17th at 8am.

Each Sunday morning, you receive an emailed interactive workbook, where you can take your Self Care Sunday routine to the next level.

“I decided to create this program as, the fall season transitioning to winter, makes individuals stay in and energies might shift with the early sunsets.  I thought, what a great way to keep a positive energy, while educating self and creating an online community.” 

I’d love to hear what you think about this and if you’d like to join.

There will be contests, prizes from Styleworthy supporters and an exclusive Brunch in the New Year at a members only venue.