I got caught up with sharing my experience watching women with unlimited wealth shop in London, that I didn’t touch upon the amount of style that I was surrounded by.

Due to the large population of tourists & locals, London is a destination for shopping. No London experience is complete without it. I lucked out and went during Christmas, meaning, SALES. My favourite S word.

We experienced Harrods for hours. Every turn seemed to lead us towards the right direction but we would get lost in the many boutiques with the stories the visual merchandisers where telling by integrating clothing & display.

I think I was only able to do 4 out of the 7 floors, as I lost track. At one point, I thought I was going to faint in Shoe Heaven from the lack of fresh air & amazing sales. This is where I saw my first movie montage of women leaving with bags of designer shoes & their own personal valet holding the bags for the ladies, in real life.

Back to reality when I stepped outside of the building 7 hours later. Yes, 7 hours later – with no bags from shopping – though, I do regret not getting McQueen sneakers on sale 1/3 of the price. (We went back Sunday, it was closed and we had to leave for our flight…)

There are other department stores like: Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nicols (I got a McQueen scarf 50% off), Debenhams & more…

I know my style and what image I want to portray, so my shopping was less stressful and more educational on where I would like to progress with my style.

Liberty London, one of London’s most recognizable facades, a tudor style building with original flooring, captured my heart. A breathtaking emporium, a soothing and enriching gallery experience that runs throughout the balconied wooden interiors (reclaimed from two Royal Navy ships). The authenticity of the building itself gave a personal, warm, English feel and was breathe taking to me. This is where I purchased a pair of Gucci sneakers – simply because I fell in love with the atmosphere.

I walked up the narrow stairs and each level presented so many stories in my mind, over the hundreds of years of shopping. An old structure with modern clothing. There was one level with fabric & bespoke tailoring that had me daydreaming about customers during the early 1900s coming in for their custom pieces.

Some of the most colourful prints I have seen in both the fashion & interior design industries, that I minor in (vs my marketing & events, majors for career choice).

True to their importance in the arts & crafts movement, I noticed brands that were lush in floral & graphic prints.

This is where I saw a line of clothing, that epitomized romantic England to me, Needle & Thread.

An ultra-feminine contemporary womenswear brand for your every moment. Embellished & Embroidered. Floral & Lace inspired, the romantic brand had me wondering if I should change up my style and wear flirty gowns every day, living my life like it’s a modern Downton Abbey.

I saw other brands that were more colourful than Pucci. This, in turn, showed me that shoppers in London are attracted to wearing clothing that will make their rainy days, brighter.

The lingerie department was opulent with gorgeous prints on silk sets costing a minimum of $350.

If I didn’t run hot all the time, I would have purchased a pair, that said, I can wear them out, they are that beautiful. Thank goodness for online shopping as I can check in Liberty London’s merchandise when I’m looking for unique, colourful pieces.

Out of all of the stores that I experienced in London, Liberty London is my favourite as it appealed to my sense of design on all levels.

Side note: Selfridges is also owned by parent company who owns Liberty London.

This leads me to talk about a more affordable and relatable shopping experience at Primark.

Primark, a discount department store fit for the masses, was so busy, my head started to spin. I had to stand in a corner, waiting for my friends to meet me. Imagine, being so overwhelmed by shoppers, I couldn’t shop.

That said, we went back on a week day, less daunting and I purchased a light pink teddy bear jacket for 30 pounds! Mass made, however, the way that I rock it, makes it look high priced.

What I noticed about this fast fashion iconic stores such as; COS (H&M’s more mature sister) is the spectrum of colour stories that were shown.

While fashion in Toronto turns darker in the winter, London buyers ensure there are flirty pastels, vibrant gem stone tones & all things sequins in stores.

I thought of designer, Tiffany Pratt when I was at COS & said out loud, Tiffany Pratt would buy everything here. Referring to her image that boosts her signature pink hair style & pastel colour palette. I know understand how influencers & bloggers find their look – they probably shop in London!

My mood while shopping in London was uplifted with the amount of colour, patterns and diversity around. My style evolved in while there, understanding that just because Canadian fashion says to be dull & boring during the winter, it doesn’t mean I have too.

The best part about London is that every person you see, has their own style.

From classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, edgy or trend-forward. With the vast amount of shopping outlets you can ensure that your age range, size and practicality is covered.

I didn’t see too much overlap of designers and styles outside of; Zara, H&M and other fast fashion stores. The department stores have all genres covered.

If you understand who you are, the style what you want to project, as an extension of your personality, London is the place to build your image.

If you are on your journey of becoming one’s true self, what a wonderful playground to try all the things that you dream of.

Trust your instincts, and wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself. If you have more of a classic style, wearing the season’s most out-there trend pieces is going to look unnatural.

If you become overwhelmed, you can use a Personal Stylist from any of the department stores to help you.