Building a community that lifts each other up.

About Styleworthy

Styleworthy is unapologetic conversations about style and self within a community of diverse individuals at events as a panel or workshop. Through a holistic approach of mentoring others, my goal is to encourage self- growth and success through empowerment. I strongly believes that the true measure of success is through engaging experience + collaborations that ultimately inspire others.

Jennifer Rabanillo



What We Do Best



Introduce speakers and moderate panel discussions.



Guest speaker at events, workshops and on panels.


Host workshops centred around self worth and empowerment.

Jessie Mei Lim

"I've grown so much from Styleworthy's empowering community."

Magic Is In The Air

Intention Decks

Made With Love

These Decks were designed as a tangible product for women who have engaged in Styleworthy events and panels, as a take away to create a routine of pulling cards and giving a better sense of self-confidence.

Past Events

What Passion Looks Like

All About Women's Show

3-Day conference to encourage, empower and engage the community.

Style With Intention

A Styleworthy event – how style is an extension of your personality.

FemPop Collective

A panel about growing your community and support system.