Building a Self Love Community through engaging EVENTS focused on Unapologetic Conversations about Style & Self, amongst a group of diverse individuals




Introduce speakers and moderate panel discussions.



Guest speaker at events, workshops and on panels.


Host workshops centred around self worth and empowerment.

All About Women's Show

3-Day Event of over 1500 attendees to Encourage, Empower and Engage community. 

Discussing  Self Confidence, Education & Evolving.

Style With Intention

An evening with 150 guests discussing; Ambition, Action & Achieving your Passions 

FemPop Collective

Female Entrepreneur speakers panel with 60 attendees discussing;

Creating your Support System & Cutivating  Your Community. 

INtention Decks

You Are Style Worthy

The “You are Styleworthy” intention cards are a collaboration between, Jennifer Rabanillo and Marina Billinghurst. This 50 card deck is fun way to build confidence and reclaim your personal style; by celebrating self love, fashion and female empowerment.  

Community + Collaboration